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Everyone needs someone to champion them and help them through challenges in life.

As an experienced coach with over 25 years experience and knowledge, I’m here to help you to be the best at what matters most to you.

Discover and learn how to live, work and play in a way that seamlessly aligns with who you are and what brings you to life.

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“Jeannie is thoughtful, creative, generous and truly cares for the lives of the people she touches.  She excels at creating an environment and experience that makes people feel safe to explore and expand what’s possible in body and mind.  With her uncanny ability for making the complex simple, Jeannie exposes people to the joy in learning.”

Jamie Wheal
Founder, Flow Genome Project

“Jeannie truly listens to you, cares about you and asks you questions that make you think. She has an amazing ability to help you see more clearly, and realize potential you didn’t know you had. She’s like your secret weapon for success.”

Robert Gordon, Retired, Director of Court Operations, Attorney General

“Never has anyone seen me so clearly and reaffirmed me so sincerely that I believe I can soar. She creates a safe space to reveal, explore and experiment. I at once feel hear, acknowledged, valued and inspired. Her guidance, insight, and resources have truly changed the trajectory of my life. She makes my heart sing.”

Karen Woods, Entrepreneur

“ ‘Force of Nature’ is an overused term, however for Jeannie it is highly appropriate. In our group-work she brings a brightness, clarity of focus and incisive curiosity that is disarming and transformative. She brings ‘Play’ and the adult flavor ‘Flow’ into everything she does. I highly recommend the skills and services of an outstanding Coach, who focuses on the whole being of those she works with towards dramatic results.”

Don Goodeve, Executive Coach

About Me

Jeannie is passionate about helping people learn to explore more and discover their highest potential, personally and professionally.  Her knowledge and experiences in the field of health and wellbeing make her a natural leader for enhancing your quality of life and expanding what’s possible.

She asserts that people operate at their best when they’re connected to their purpose and living in alignment with who they are and what they care about.  By directly challenging ways of thinking and behaving that prevent individuals from getting the results they want, Jeannie invites and guides people into a more compassionate and empowering relationship with themselves and others.  She helps people learn to leverage their body and mind to live a more joyful and meaningful life.  Success and having a ton of fun along the way are the by-products of her process.

Jeannie has over 25 years of experience and knowledge in the industry helping people ages 16 – 76 in a wide variety of domains.  In addition to her B.S. in Health Sciences her formal education and certifications include the following:

• GMB Fitness
• Precision Nutrition
• Transcend – The science of human potential
• Compete to Create with Michael Gervais
• Wellcoaches Wellness Coach
• Animal Flow
• Resistance Training Specialist
• Muscle Activation Techniques
• American College of Sports Medicine HFS
• Force and the Nervous System with Jacques Henri Taylor

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